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We only use the best quality hair extensions! 
100% European Remy Hair Extensions
Our products and application methods will NOT damage your hair or scalp.
Avoid cheap and nasty alternatives.
Hair extensions must be applied by a Certified Hair Extension Technician with a qualification in Hairdressing!!

Prices for Hair Extensions

Hi, my name is Tamra and I have been a hairdresser for 20 years.

My experience as the National Trainer for Hair Extension Expert and as a Salon owner and Colour Technician enables me to match colour plus create and apply your Hair Extensions to the highest standard. The end result being a longer, fuller, sexier and more natural look.

My experience as the National Trainer for Hair Extension Expert, Salon owner and Colour Technician enables me to match colour, create and apply your Hair Extensions to the highest standard giving you a longer, fuller, sexier look.

You may be looking to thicken, lengthen or even add colour to your natural hair, if so, then Hair Extensions you will love!

In the past, Hair Extensions have been misunderstood and consumers have been overwhelmed with misleading information. I would like to address some of these misrepresentations.

A new application system is now on the market that uses the most advanced technology available and has proven to be highly successful and is of outstanding quality. The fashion and trend for hair extensions in melbourne is in demand and rising dramatically.

Personal Mobile Hair Extension Service, by the current
Victorian State Hair Extensions Trainer

Tamra Fitzsimons has been sourcing new Quality Hair, Hair Extension Products and the NEW SUPER Hair Extension Techniques to make you look absolutely fabulous.

Tamra has Discovered:Photos of Hair Extensions

  • New & Better Quality Natural Hair
  • A Technique which stops the Shedding of Hair
  • A Smart Technique which doesn't allow slippage
  • And the new Technique is Soft and Gentle to the Hair and YOU!

The Hair Extension Techniques We Do:

  • Micro-Link Extension
  • Fusion Extension
  • Pre Bonded Extension
  • Double Taped Weft Extensions

We will help you choose the Best Hair Extension Technique for Your Hair Type and Style.

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Don't Delay Call Right Now on 0413 172 884 and Book Your Hair Extension Appointment so you can enjoy that special moment with Beautiful Looking Hair that gives you the confidence of a Goddess.

Have a Beautiful, Longer, Fuller and Sexier Hair.

You Will Love the Result!

Tamra Fitzsimons

Tamra Fitzsimons
Mobile: 0413 172 884

PS: Tamra uses most advanced hair extension methods that are gentle and safe, giving you thick, long natural hair that’s easy to style, wear and maintain.

Hair extension Expert will educate you on the day of application on the best way for you to make sure your hair extensions are well cared for by using the correct products and care procedures.
You will be supplied with a care guide.
Failure to follow Hair Extension Experts instructions may result in damage or loss of extensions.
Hair Extension Expert will not be responsible for damage or loss of extensions due to improper care.
If you follow all the points on the care guide you will love and have beautiful hair for months.

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